Friday 28 September 2012

Megan Seehra - Full time Student and Part time Bat Fundraiser!

Welsh student Megan Seehra, blogs about her astonishing walk for bats!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always raised money for numerous charities; whether it was putting boxes in my parent’s local village shop for people’s spare change, doing bake sales, quizzes, or – as I have done most recently – doing a sponsored walk in and around my university in Wales. 
I’ve never thought of myself as particular creative or sporty, but when it comes to raising money you can do pretty much anything! Donation tins, car boot sales, sponsored events, bake sales – the Bat Conservation Trust even gets some money when you donate empty ink cartridges!

Me and a couple of friends decided to undertake a 500 mile walk (over the course of a few months – we are at university as well!) and each chose a charity we wanted to raise money for – I  chose the Bat Conservation Trust! Luckily for us we are at a fairly small, rural university in Wales, with a beautiful landscape – so there were plenty of routes we could walk!
So why did I choose to raise money for the Bat Conservation Trust?
 The Bat Conservation Trust is a brilliant, underrated charity that support a threatened, also underrated mammal – not many people realise it, but in the UK bats make up over 25% of all mammal species’; unfortunately the number of bats in the UK has suffered immensely, due to human influences such as wind turbines and the destruction of their natural habitats.

  The Bat Conservation Trust is not only here to protect the bats of Britain, but also to educate the public about the importance of bats, and how we can help protect them too. It is for this reason that I chose to raise money for the BCT!

Megan Seehra - Bat Conservation Trust volunteer

If you are interested in fundraising for the Bat Conservation Trust visit for lots of hints and tips.

Huge thanks from everyone at the Bat Conservation Trust to Megan fro raising a whopping £400 for bats!

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