Thursday 5 December 2013

BCT has Christmas all sewn up! Ahem, it's in the bag!

 Super giveaway gift with memberships bought before Christmas and an ideal gift idea for bat fans and conservationists who have everything: -Why not Adopt-a-bat! 

If you fancy doing something a bit special for some of Britain’s most at-risk mammals this Christmas, how about going a bit batty?
After all, aside from Santa’s Reindeer, bats are the only flying mammals in the world! At the Bat Conservation Trust, we think we have Christmas all sewn up this year. 
Buy an individual membership for yourself or a friend befo the big day,25th December, and not only do you get to help us secure the future for bats but you also get a special free gift of a fabulous cotton bag emblazoned with our logo. And that’s in addition to the usual membership pack, with postcards, a car sticker, fabulous bat pin-badge and information about our projects and thrice annual Bat News magazine. You will also get discounts to courses and conferences. Standard individual membership is £2.50 a month or  £30 per annum, paid annually or as a one off and discounts are available. Our fab batty bag also comes with family memberships bought at this time.
For the Little-uns we have Young  Batworkers’ Club membership to the Bat Conservation Trust for just £12 a year for each child.  Not only will they get endless enjoyment learning all about bats, but those vital funds will help conserve bats so their children in turn can be Young Bat Workers’ Club members.  Membership includes a subscription to the Young Batworker magazine, a special badge, a bat calendar and lots of batty things like stickers and postcards and fact sheets.  It’ll be like all their Christmases have come at once!
If you’re already a member and so are your friends and family, or if you simply know someone who fancies their own pipistrelle bat buddy, why not Adopt-a-bat. You will get your own fluffy bat toy, certificate of adoption (which you can download and print yourself if it’s all a bit last minute!) and welcome letter. You’ll also get an ‘I love bats’ magnet and  a colourful newsletter and poster sent out twice a year to keep you updated! For just £3.00 a month! Best of all you get to know you are helping secure the future for these winged wonders of the night! To adopt-a-bat head to
 You can sign up online for individual, family or Batworkers’ club membership  at
You can also join, buy memberships for others or adopt a bat over the phone and you can organise to have it sent directly to them and put in gift messages etc. The all important number is 0845 1300 228!
Don’t forget we have a fabulous selection of free Christmas e-cards on our website to spread the joy and save paper this year! 
Hope you all have a very batty Christmas!

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