Wednesday 4 February 2015

Our Communications and Fundraising Intern has been working with us over the last couple of months, and he's shared his experience with us!

Hi, I’m Aleks, and since November I’ve been working at the Bat Conservation Trust as the Communications and Fundraising Intern.

I’m actually a marine biology graduate, so I do get my share of “you do realise bats don’t swim don’t you?” comments. But I find all animals interesting, and have particular soft spots for ones that are often misunderstood and get an unfair reputation, so I guess at BCT I’m in the right place.

One of the reasons I took up the role was because while I was at university, I realised that one of the most fun things about my degrees was going home at Christmas, Easter and summer (no, not to doss about!) and talk to my friends and family about what I’d learned. Talking to people about animals and why they’re important is always a lively discussion, and getting replies like “oh wow that’s pretty cool” makes it even more satisfying. Take my parents for example- they’ve never shown any real interest in wildlife, but now they’re avid birdwatchers and I barely see them at weekends anymore as they’re always knocking around nature reserves in Essex. That may only seem like a small thing, but for me that’s a victory. So taking up a role with the comms team at BCT, and helping to spread the word about bats to a much wider audience seemed (and has proved to be!) a very rewarding experience.

Another reason that this internship was appealing to me, was because I’d spent a lot of time at university mostly sitting in lectures and writing essays, so this opportunity has provided me the chance to expand my skill set. In my role, highlights have included developing e-bulletins, including BCT’s first corporate e-bulletin targeted at corporate partners, writing press releases and producing newsletters to funders.

Here are a couple of the pieces I’ve worked on:
I’ve done things I’d never done before, and I’m grateful to BCT for the opportunity.
If you have any ideas for our blog, social media or e-bulletins, let me know at and I’ll share it!

I’ll be working at BCT for one more week. What I’m about to say is really cheesy, but it was depressing watching the Comms team put up the advert for the next intern to come and sit at my desk once I leave. Whoever they are, they’re in for a great experience.

This isn’t my last involvement with BCT however; in September I’ll be walking as fast as my little legs will carry me up and down the Peak District at Trekfest to hopefully raise us some money! Hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

Aleks Cocks

Communications and Fundraising Intern

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