Monday 9 May 2016

A history of bat conservation by Professor Paul Racey

The suggestion to prepare A HISTORY OF BAT RESEARCH AND CONSERVATION IN THE UK came from John Burton who established the Bat Project at the offices of the Fauna and Flora Preservation Society in London in 1984 and later convened the crucial meeting which led to the formation of BCT.  John’s suggestion was timely as there are still enough people around to remember the early events and the authors listed provided text. We are grateful to those colleagues in BCT, particularly Simon Mickleburgh and Shirley Thompson, who checked previous drafts. Any errors remain our own and one of the reasons for putting it onto the members’ website is to provide an opportunity for errors to be corrected or omissions rectified.

When I was a schoolboy I had to decide between biology or history. I think I made the right decision – historical research is more difficult! .

The document can be accessed by all Bat Conservation Trust members from here:

Paul Racey

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