Thursday 26 October 2017

Twilight Bat Walks at Mid-Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust – A summary of 2017

by David Jackson

Now that the autumn season is upon us, it provides a great opportunity for the Mid-Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust (MEHT for short) to reflect on another hugely successful Bat Walk Programme.
All bat species in the UK are endangered, with populations declining over the past decades; these fascinating mammals are protected by law.  Bats are also a biological indicator species, meaning their presence illustrates high ecosystem functionality and good environmental management.  At the MEHT, we are proud to have high bat activity around the Broomfield Hospital site, with a bat roost of soprano pipistrelles known within our Estates building.  Both soprano & common pipistrelles have been found foraging within our natural areas, feeding on insects during their summer months and highlighting our effective natural management.
Bat walks offer a unique educational opportunity to experience these intriguing creatures, and in 2016 we launched an inaugural Twilight Bat Walk Programme, led by a local bat enthusiast.  The walks proved to be a huge success, providing education in an endangered species whilst promoting healthy walking alternatives within Broomfield Hospital.  Following on from these walks, a larger Twilight Programme was produced for the summer of 2017.

A staggering 400% increase in participation occurred, with over 100 individuals expressing interest, comprising of staff, patients and members of our local community.
Marium, a former Trust Doctor stated ‘I and my three friends thoroughly enjoyed the bat walk, the guide was incredibly knowledgeable.  We heard about the opportunity after a friend was enthusiastically posting about it on Facebook after attending a previous walk!’
Carol, a member in the local community quoted ‘It was a fascinating evening using the monitoring equipment and identifying the sounds.  It's excellent that the hospital invites the public and hosts community events.  The guide’s enthusiasm and passion for bats was lovely to see and it's great to be able to share knowledge’
David Jackson, the bat enthusiast, and now the Trust’s Sustainability Project Coordinator said ‘It’s been great to see the walk participation increase so quickly…educating those in our community about endangered species is hugely valuable to their future conservation, whilst achieving it through the promotions of an active lifestyle.’
Bats are now moving to their hibernation roosts, but keep a look out for promotional materials when the Twilight Bat Walk Programme returns next year.

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