Tuesday 13 September 2022

Ensuring a future for bats - the power of Wills

Thinking about Will writing and legacies can be a sensitive subject to approach but leaving a gift in your Will makes a huge difference to our work. One of our members, Katrina, got in touch to let us know she had left a gift to Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) in her Will so we asked her a little bit more about what motivated her to do so  

  1. Firstly, thank you for leaving a gift to BCT in your will. Can you tell us what is your connection to bats? I have bats living in the roof space of my home (a converted chapel) and barn
  2. When and why did you become a BCT member?  Actually, it was September 2019 I first became a member.  As I had bats identified by a local bat enthusiast through Natural England, I wanted to learn more about them, how I can help them and how I can help others learn about these mysterious but incredible nocturnal creatures. I am also interested in moths and hedgehogs which are other nocturnal creatures.
  3. Thinking about will writing can often be a daunting idea. What prompted you to leave BCT a gift in your will? I had not yet made a will and it seemed important that I made a will so that everything would be sorted in the way I wanted it to be if anything happened to me.  As well as providing for family and friends, I wanted to ensure that my favourite charities would benefit in the future… a positive legacy to know that my estate would be spend furthering the things I had been so interested in during my life.
  4. Was this a difficult process? I went to a local solicitor; it was straightforward and the fee was fixed.  Of course, I had to think hard about who and what was going to benefit, and how much.  That was the hardest part, so it does take some application.  My will refers to a ‘letter of wishes’ so that I can keep changing who gets important family papers or handed down items, rather than putting those in the will which means it would need to be revised.  These are not items of value but important social history for my family. Learning about the  ‘letter of wishes’ from the solicitor was very helpful.
  5. What would you say to someone who is unsure about writing their will? What is there to lose?  Apart from anything else, one can set out whether one wishes to be buried or cremated.  I just feel so re-assured that should anything happen to me, my loved ones are looked after and charities that are close to my heart or have helped me over the years, will be gifted and able to continue their marvellous work.  That has to be a great legacy, for anyone.

We'd like to thank Katrina for leaving a gift in her will to BCT and for taking the time to let us know and kindly answer our questions. If you would like to know more about legacies please do check the information on this page or get in touch with Andreia: andreiacdc@bats.org.uk/020 7820 7164

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